About this game

Oh no, someone cut the power line to the electric car charging station.

You have to help out and bring batteries from another power station to the charging station. But don't let yourself be run over.


[W, A, S, D] or arrow keys for movement
[E] for interaction

Assets by:

GoGodotJam 2

This is my first, ever published, game and also my first participation in a game jam.  I started developing this game on 24th of November to join. After spending about 32 hours, this is the result. I'm quite happy with it, but there's room for improvements. Especially at the game design and game play. I hope, I'll find some additional time to update it.

Possibles future Updates

  • Better collision detection between cars to avoid spending power in traffic jams.
  • More NPC people and cars to fill the scene with life.
  • Maybe some random power ups. e.g. run faster, faster cars, bigger batteries, etc.


Energy Carrier Goas Open Source.

As I started working on the jam game, I also decided to publish the code to GitHub as Open Source. No matter how good or bad it is. So here you go. You can look up the code on the following link: https://github.com/QuatschSalat/EnergyCarrier

Development log


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good looking game, nice music

Thank you very much.🙌